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SCRUM integrationfor SaaS company

MBition (Daimler group)

Project description

Our client is SaaS company – sales CRM system. Startup is already in the market and there are new features development and new users setup and refactoring of the previous versions. The development office was operating without dedicated PM – part of process functions was covered by tech lead. Client had QA team, two development units and support team.

Reason to hire us

  • Experience in processes development
  • Huge Scrum integration experience in different company setup
  • PMO building experience
  • Solution focus approach
  • We have covered all client’s needs, from building processes and to profiling and hiring of the PM

What was done

  • Current process analysis with the detailed report of the pain points
  • Screening interviews with all key roles
  • Roles separation and RACI matrix of the main development processes
  • SCRUM implementation roadmap (step-by-step approach)
  • Roadmap and detailed planning of additional PM practices (estimation process, reporting, planning and scheduling cycle)


  • Scrum setup and polishing in the client’s processes
  • Detailed ready-to-use reports and plans of implementation of the practices
  • All implementation units ranged by priority according to the analysis of costs, value and connections between processes
  • All units processes connection and levelling (QA/Dev/Product/Support units’ processes)

Project started from analysis and screening interviews with all key roles. After the first phase client has got the detailed report of pain points and roles separation recommendations. After agreement of the recommendations with the strategic goals and costs the implementation plan was developed. Our PM specialist started to implement the processes. On the next phase, after the first valuable results and assuring that the roles separation is working as it meant to work, we’ve made the profiling of the Project Manager, according to the developed process triggers and selected practices. Based on the profile we have made the PM recruitment. The same time the SCRUM process was already setup and we added mentoring of the newly added PM. Based on the agreed goals, there is a plan for PM to polish SCRUM and supporting processes in the company. Additionally, 2 specialists from QA and development teams are preparing by us to play the role of Scrum Masters.

Skills and Technologies

  • Product Strategy
  • Scaled Agile Framework
  • Agile Software Development
  • Agile Project Management
  • Process Documentation
  • Process Development
  • Process Optimization
  • Process Modeling
  • Process Design
  • Scrum